Family law services in Seattle, Washington
Family law services in Seattle, Washington

Custody And Property Division Proceedings Can Get Intense

As you work through the complicated and overwhelming legal process involved with divorce, your concerns boil down to two things: your children and your assets (both marital and individual). You want your children to have the best, most stable life possible. You want to have financial independence and the things that are rightfully yours.

At Zundel Law Offices, PLLC, in Seattle, Washington, we are dedicated to advocating for you and your best interests in a divorce. If custody or division of assets becomes contested, having a lawyer on your side is especially vital.

An Attorney You Can Count On

Especially in high-asset divorces, property division can be difficult and heated. Assets like houses, businesses, stock options and retirement funds are not easily separated. To make things even more complicated, Washington is a community property state: All assets acquired during the marriage are equally owned by both spouses, regardless of who acquired them.

Our attorney, Terry A. Zundel, has the expertise and knowledge to help you in high-asset property division:

  • Excellent foundational knowledge. Ms. Zundel knows the basics of almost every kind of asset and how to deal with them. She will help you understand what needs to be done to get what you deserve.
  • Not afraid to get assistance. Even so, Ms. Zundel will enlist the best appraisers and other experts Seattle has to offer if necessary. Having an accurate and up-to-date list of assets and their values will make things as fair as possible.
  • Asking the right questions. Most importantly, Ms. Zundel knows what questions to ask and will investigate until an answer is found. Uncovering hidden accounts and assets is one of most important tasks, and you can be sure Ms. Zundel will find them.

Through it all, we will help you understand the process and advocate for you at every step.

Advocating For You — And Your Children

Child custody disputes can be especially stressful. We know how important your children are, and you are entitled to present your case for custody. There are specific steps you must take, and we will get you through them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Zundel Law Offices, PLLC, will do what it takes to help you get custody of your children.

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If property division or custody disputes become contested, it is essential to enlist the help of a lawyer. At Zundel Law Offices, PLLC, we want to help you get what you deserve and are prepared to represent you from start to finish.

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