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A Legal Advocate Guiding You Through Divorce

There’s almost nothing easy about getting a divorce. It is a major life change brought on by deterioration of a relationship. But while difficulty and unpleasantness are an expected part of the process, your divorce experience and outcome can vary greatly depending which attorney you choose.

The right family law attorney can simplify complex decisions, protect your financial future, advocate for you and your children and ensure that your divorce proceeds as efficiently and quickly as possible. These are the qualities you can expect when you work with Zundel Law Offices, PLLC.

Ready For Any Level Of Conflict

Terry A. Zundel brings nearly 30 years of legal experience to each case. Her practice is also informed by her own experience in a contentious divorce. Whether your divorce is relatively amicable or highly contentious, she’s ready to help you through it.

For divorcing couples who can remain cooperative and civil, divorce mediation might be an ideal option. Through this process, couples negotiate the terms of their divorce with a neutral third-party mediator (and with advice from counsel, when needed). Compared to litigation, the process tends be faster and cheaper, and it gives both parties more control over the terms.

On the other end of the spectrum are high-conflict divorces, which will need to be litigated and may require other court interventions as well. Ms. Zundel has worked with clients involved in domestic violence situations, and she aggressively advocates for the safety and well-being of her clients and their children.

Seeking A Fair Division Of Marital Assets

The process of property division is often complex, and the complexity increases with the size of the marital estate. But regardless of a couple’s net worth, the goal of asset division is to ensure that each spouse receives a fair share of the marital estate and is set up to be financially secure once the divorce has been finalized.

Ms. Zundel will work with you to prioritize the assets that are most important to you and to advocate for a fair and sustainable divorce settlement.

Contact An Attorney Who Listens To And Respects Your Story

Located in Seattle, Washington, Zundel Law Offices, PLLC, serves clients throughout the surrounding area. To arrange an initial consultation with a compassionate and attentive family law attorney, call 206-508-2029 or submit an email inquiry.