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A Lawyer Simplifying Complex Property Division

Dividing property in a divorce tends to be time-consuming, logistically complex and contentious. This is true for even modest marital estates. But as you can imagine, things become increasingly complex for couples with a high net worth. These types of cases require the help of a skilled family law attorney. If you’re looking for such an attorney in the Seattle area, look no further than Zundel Law Offices, PLLC.

What Makes High Net Worth Property Division Different

Assets like houses, businesses, stock options and retirement funds are not easily separated. To make things even more complicated, Washington is a community property state. Generally speaking, this means that all assets acquired during the marriage are equally owned by both spouses, regardless of who acquired them.

Depending on the asset, an equal split is not desirable or even possible. If you own a business, for instance, and your spouse plays no role in operations, he or she may still have a 50% stake in the enterprise. Dividing the business in divorce could effectively ruin the company. The way to preserve it, therefore, is to negotiate and trade for other assets equal to your spouse’s financial stake.

What The Right Attorney Can Do For You

Attorney Terry A. Zundel has the knowledge and experience to help you seek a favorable and efficient division of assets in divorce. She is an especially smart choice when it comes to divorces involving significant assets. The benefits of hiring Ms. Zundel include:

  • Excellent foundational knowledge: Ms. Zundel knows the basics of valuing almost every kind of asset and how to best handle division. She will help you understand what needs to be done to get what you deserve.
  • Not afraid to get assistance: When needed, Ms. Zundel will enlist the best appraisers and other experts Seattle has to offer. Having an accurate and up-to-date list of assets and their values will make things as fair as possible.
  • Asking the right questions: Most importantly, Ms. Zundel knows which questions to ask and will investigate until an answer is found. Uncovering hidden accounts and assets is one of most important tasks, and you can be sure Ms. Zundel will find them.

Through it all, she will help you understand the process and advocate for you at every step.

Have Questions About Property Division? Contact The Firm For Answers.

Zundel Law Offices, PLLC, is based in Seattle and serves clients throughout the surrounding areas. To discuss your property division needs and get answers to your questions, contact experienced family law attorney Terry A. Zundel. You can schedule your initial consultation via email or by calling 206-508-2029.